Terms & conditions

Completion of this sale will provide access to the LNG Ports Information product, which must be accessed via the internet utilising a compatible device, a list of which can be supplied.

Access will commence on the invoice date and will continue for a 12 month period. Renewals will be managed through a new proposal approximately 1 month before your access ends.

The number of users who may access the service will be determined by the licence type and will be specific to the invoice.

Each user id is unique, regardless of whether a specific number of users or unlimited use has been purchased. Therefore, users must not share passwords or pass them outside of your organisation. This includes to members of your organisation who have not been set up as designated users by the system administrator.

Witherbys may immediately suspend or restrict use of all or any part of the services and/or content without refund or compensation if:

  • There is failure to make a payment or if the payment method fails
  • There is a breach of these Terms of Use
  • We suspect or believe that any fraudulent activity has been committed against us or against any other person or organisation through use of the service or content
Prices and payments

Our prices include VAT and any applicable sales tax. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice being raised.